The idea of flying has been in the minds of humans since the beginnings of times; with paragliding, the desire to fly is no longer just a dream. While practicing this slightly extreme sport, you can feel the peace and freedom of flying above the clouds and enjoy the incomparable beauty of everything around you.

Paragliding is very similar in nature to skydiving or freefall, but in this category it is about enjoying the present moment in a more relaxed environment. Soaring at considerable heights, usually over 600 meters.

The convenience of gliding is due to the longer gliding time the glider spends in the air. In some cases, the team’s equipment have engines to maintain a constant airspeed.

Now you know a little more about this high altitude sport, you know some of the history and whether it is as safe as it seems. Come to think of it, maybe reading this will make you want to spread your wings and fly a paraglider at high altitude. 

The birth and development of paragliding 

Beginning with paragliding during the First World War, the sport was constantly improved and eventually led to the creation of new sports by many athletes, incorporating the idea of aerial freefall and acrobatics.

In 1965, David Barish finally designed a model with flexible wings which improved maneuverability and provided the most daring athletes with the perfect wing to perform extreme maneuvers.

In reality, paragliding in those years was only practised by professional skydivers with extensive freefall experience. Restricted to the sport, it was only for experts and not for the general public.

However, in 1978, French parachutists Jean-Claude Bettemp, André Bon and Gerard Bosson mastered the technique and work of the elastic wing over a period of time.

 The success of this new technology was so overwhelming that Mieuxispo (France) became the world’s first paragliding epicentre; and it is thanks to these French parachuting pioneers. 

Is paragliding safe?

It’s normal to be scared of something we’ve never done before, especially when it comes to high altitudes. But you need to worry, paragliding is one of the sports rated as very low risk.

The real danger lies in inexperience, so it is recommended that if you are taking up the sport for the first time, or are just looking for a new experience, do so under the guidance of a professional. Prevent unforeseen events, whether due to natural conditions or equipment failure.

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