At Barcos.Online, we make sure you have all the diving equipment you need, including the dive vest that is part of it.

In order for you to choose the right diving jacket, here are some things to keep in mind.

How to choose the right jacket?

1 Style.

When it comes to choosing the right BCD or diving jacket, there are usually three styles to choose from: Healthy BCDs, which have a puffy front and look like a bear hug to us.

The ones that have wings that inflate only at the back and are very comfortable when diving because you can hardly feel them. And a hybrid style that combines both, something that only professionals use.

2 Water temperature.

This is of fundamental importance. If you want to dive in cold water, the right vest has a high load capacity, which is the weight the vest can support when you inflate your bladder.

This is necessary because in cold water we use very thick wetsuits to resist the cold, and the cold is very light, so the bladder must be filled to compensate for the buoyancy.

In tropical waters it doesn’t matter.

3 It doesn’t matter if it’s light or compact.

Another aspect to check is whether you should buy a general diving jacket that is compact and suitable for those who dive regularly and in cold places.

On the other hand, a lightweight CB will suffice if you are an adventure traveler and your diving profile is small.

4 The right number of anchors.

If you only dive with a few accessories, this point does not matter to you! But if you use too many, it is important that the BC you buy has as many anchor points as you need.

These rings allow you to carry objects such as surface markers, whistles and even lights. There are also zippered pockets, preferably with velcro, to store items you find or need water.

You can even check if the jacket you choose has room for knives (an accessory that is difficult to carry on board), flashlights or strobes, which are commonly used during team dives.

5 Size.


If the wetsuit you are going to buy is made of thick neoprene, you will have to ask for one size more than you would normally use in a dry or thin wetsuit because it can stay very tight. This is very important if you don’t want to try the vest beforehand because you buy it online.


JACKET SEA BORNE T S or JACKET SEA BORNE T L is ideal for diving if you are a tourist or if you don’t spend too much time in deep water. It is recommended for tropical climates and has rings and pockets where you can attach your diving accessories.

Furthermore, it has adjustable straps and its price is very economical: 325.73 euros, as you will find it at Barcos.Online with a discount of 11%!

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